Have you done your best?

Any of you out there with kids in their last year of Primary School will know that it’s SAT’s time and for me the stress they put 10 and 11 year olds under to get results can be counterproductive, yes it’s important to get a good education and the next step for these children is Senior School where things change dramatically yet high levels of stress caused by the fear of getting low scores or failing can affect performance in two different ways. Stress can help when it makes people more alert, more motivated to practice, and gain a competitive edge. In the right amount, stress helps prepare, focus, and perform at an optimal level. Conversely, too much stress, or bad stress, can cause performance anxiety, which hurts health and does not allow people to perform at a relaxed, confident, and focused level.

For me I am always prouder of myself, my Children, Team and clients when they have performed at their best than at the actual results. After all we can really do is do our best to achieve what we set out and if we miss it or get it wrong then we can always have another go.

So how do you approach building your business, have you achieved your potential or are you still avoiding trying so that you don’t fail?

What is your true potential and have you really done your best to achieve it?

Are you still trying your best to achieve it?

Have you asked for any help to achieve it?

How long have you been hoping things get better?

If you still have things that you want to achieve, teams that you want to be better or simply want to discover what you best is then

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Meet 30 – 40 Other Business Owners?

Yesterday I offered you the chance to come along to our course to help you market your business and for those of you that didn’t rush to come along (that’s most of you) I thought that as your marketing is obviously working 

fantastically and producing more business than you can handle that you would definitely need to come along to our whole day event to create a plan to deal with that growth over the next 90 days.

I don’t actually know if your marketing is working fantastically or if you felt that the course wasn’t right for you at this time but this day is for you and you should absolutely come along.

This is where we get around 30 – 40 business owners in a room and a pack a day with fun and practical advice to help you plan your next 90 days of growth, we have 3 Coaches to help support you and our goals is that you come away with real actions you can take that will produce the growth you want.

Previous attendees have said “Absolutely Brilliant it made me feel I am not alone and other business people have similar challenges to me and the ideas I got that day are invaluable” – Ed Hodgkinson ETH associates

“Lots of information that was presented in a way that was easy to understand and gave me clear actions to take going forward” – J Cannon Cannonbridge Consultants

“It has made me much more aware of the task ahead and has helped me focus on the future” T Holdsworth Silver Fox Gin

The next one is on the 20th June and the day normally involves an investment of £345 + VAT the first 5 people to message me with “I’m in” will get a complimentary invite for them and one team member.

If you would rather chat to me first then.